Our Name is Everything.

PeopleIT is exactly what our name suggests. We are people first and technology second. With a combined 30+ years of business consulting and I.T. experience Charlie Lambers and John Johnston couldn’t shake the belief that there was a better way to approach I.T.. Building a team of talent that thinks differently about technology is core to the success of PeopleIT. Our approach defines how we lead and serve our clients.

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Grab a cup of your favorite beverage and enjoy getting to know the PeopleIT People…

Josh Sebo

Customer Service Leader

Everything about Josh just fits. He fits with our team so seamlessly that it feels like he has been here all along. He is a kind and genuine human who loves being with others. Growing up with his Hungarian family in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood he has cultivated a deep appreciation for exploring other cultures. Especially through their food – which is #1 of his top four areas of expertise. Followed by photography (soon you will get to enjoy his work throughout our site), pallet racking and video gaming.

The most important thing for you to know about Josh is that all of these things and more – he loves most when doing them with others. His favorite thing about a recent trip to Pennsylvania/Washington DC was the company (his wife – Laura). I am not kidding, these two love each other so much it’s the cutest. When commenting on it at our last team hang to celebrate Jason’s graduation from Davenport (woot woot), Laura replied,

“I know, we love each other so much it’s kind of annoying.”

It is not annoying. We LOVE it. We are all about our people and our connection to them, and it is not a surprise that Josh aligns strongly with our value of Better Together. He is glad to be a part of a team that sticks together and enjoys each other’s company in and outside of work. He is also a fan of Be The Same and if you have connected with our Customer Service team – you will experience firsthand, the consistency and attention Josh brings to his work.

Josh brings with him a wealth of experience from his work at Herman Miller and Ziglift prior to that. This is where the Pallet Racking expertise comes from in case you were curious. Have any pallets that need racking? Josh is your guy! Oh, and he can handle any of your IT support needs too 🙂

Jason Helms

I.T. Leader

Jason is a cool dude. His work as a dad of four, Firefighter (rescuing cats with the jaws of life), Medical First Responder & I.T. Extraordinaire is fueled by a strict diet of Mountain Dew, Nacho Cheese Doritos and Gummy Bears. He approaches all aspects of home and life with a desire to problem-solve, optimize, and improve – often giving “every waking moment” toward finding a resolution (in the words of his wife).

Jason closely identifies with PeopleIT’s value of Small Steps, Big Adventure – especially the call to approach work as a playground and not a battlefield. Combining this with his expert problem-solving skills, he is committed to minimizing frustration for end-users that encounter I.T. issues with a fun and exploratory mindset, creating opportunities for education and solutions for all.

In his “down-time,” Jason enjoys spending time with his kids in their basement/office, experimenting and tackling new projects* or optimizing the home wi-fi while they color and puzzle. *For a complete list of Jason’s project base and expertise see below 

If you catch him outside PeopleIT and his home office he may be adventuring to the family cabin, one of Michigan’s incredible state parks or surprise tripping to Great Wolf Lodge. Though be warned, if you strike up a conversation he may try to entice you to the Dark Side of the Force.

As promised, here is the expansive and impressive arsenal of Jason’s I.T. work:
Design and management of large-scale I.T. infrastructure solutions. Hyper-Converged server deployments with VMware and Hyper-V supporting both Microsoft and Linux operating systems. Network administration leveraging both Cisco and Meraki solutions including DMVPN, next-generation firewalls with HA failover, high capacity wireless, and supporting unified communications platforms. Jason prefers a CLI to a GUI and he is our go-to PowerShell expert. In addition to his experience managing on-premises infrastructure, Jason has spent time in “the cloud” helping organizations navigate complex Azure and Office365 migrations. Are you impressed yet? We certainly are.

Christian Scott

I.T. Leader

Musically-inclined, tinkerer of snowmobiles – Christian is your go-to guy for day to day technical issues. Working creatively to implement solutions, connect with new people to grow business and solve technical challenges. He is inspired by PeopleIT’s value of Courage as a way to serve others and pursue growth. This value sets the foundation for a team that is courageous in designing amazing solutions for clients.

Christian is exceptionally talented in explaining complex technical concepts in a way that makes sense to anyone. Like this…

I love engineering for worst case scenarios. Given the challenge of designing a technical system that cannot fail, I am extremely excited about engineering for fault tolerance and high availability – all the way from local servers to buildings on different continents.

On a perfect day, Christian will get a chance to share this knowledge while fishing from a kayak. Impressed? We thought so.

Christian came to PeopleIT by way of Scott Group Studio where he worked as an I.T. Project Manager, a long way back you would find him jumping from trees into massive piles of leaves, but you’ll have to ask him for that story if you get chance.

When he isn’t solving the world’s problems one I.T. issue at a time you’ll find him exploring new places with his wife, Libby, leading worship at Resurrection Life Church and working on snowmobiles with his dad.

John Johnston

Culture Builder & Business Developer

Since John joined the professional world he has been looking for PeopleIT. And can we just say? He and Charlie have created something brilliant.

A man fueled by laughter and cheap beer, John has a tremendous heart for people. This is clear in the way he approaches his work, the number of times he will weave his beautiful wife and precious daughter into the conversation, and the relationally driven ways he spends outside-of-work time. It is also represented in his current favorite value which is pretty fitting for this season: Better Together.

In his own words, here is why:

“Everything we do and want to do as a company can only be achieved with a team. We’re better when we’re collaborating with others and working on a shared vision, the things others teach me every day is pretty awesome.”

If you’ve had the pleasure to chat with John and are wondering why he talks so funny – he is from Ireland. Ireland is family and home away from home. He vacations there when life allows to catch up with his people and spend time in the outdoor splendor. While stateside you will find him playing pickleball, walking/ hiking with his wife and daughter, or eating and drinking a beer with friends.

Speaking of beer, John is a self-proclaimed connoisseur of the cheap beers. You think it’s easy to tell the difference between Bud Light, Miller Light, PBR, Natural Light or Miller Highlife? It’s a lifetime’s work.

He would love to treat you to a pint.

Charlie Lambers

Strategy Builder & Team Developer

Charlie is a champion. Not in the heavy-weight lifting sense – although he has completed 9 marathons including all three “US Majors” in Chicago, Boston & NYC. Charlie is a champion of the efforts and impact of others. This shows up in his work at PeopleIT as he aligns the team, solutions and technology to ensure we are reducing customers’ technical debt and empowering them for exponential growth. It also shows up in his family as he is often found cheering for his wife and four kids as they run their own races.

Though the term expert is not his favorite, Charlie has the unique ability to recognize the strengths of others, identifying the key levers that will maximize individual and organizational potential. He also still knows his way around a Cisco router.

Charlie is consistency embodied, bringing structure and stability to his family and his work. It will not surprise you then that the value which most excites him is Be the Same. He firmly believes in the importance of this value in building trust and interacting with others from a place of authenticity.

Prior to dreaming and building PeopleIT with John over lots of cheap beer, Charlie spent more than 15 years in I.T. leading global infrastructure for enterprise level organizations and developing I.T. strategies for fast growing organizations. This work has taken him throughout North America, Europe and Asia and he’d love to share the collection of travel stories, life lessons and comical missteps over a good beer.