February Book Read: Dare To Lead

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One key way we are building our culture is through monthly book reads as a team. Each book is carefully selected and many have been discovered through our clients (thanks everyone!)

This past month we dug into Brené Brown’s most recent book – Dare To Lead The ultimate playbook for developing brave leaders and courageous cultures.

So much of her work resonates with ours and we found affirmation for our values and approach while also discovering tangible practices to build into our micro-moments as a team: Healthy rumbling, gratitude, “painting done” and kind humor to name a few!

What struck us most is the theme of humanity that came through in every story and practice. Our mantra is people first and everything else second. Daring leadership is centered on the power of bringing human connection to the forefront in our actions within our team and in our work with clients and partners. We are all people, people. Let’s speak, act and connect from a foundation of common humanity.

“To scale daring leadership and build courage in teams and organizations, we have to cultivate a culture in which brave work, tough conversations, and whole hearts are the expectation, and armor is not necessary or rewarded. We have to be vigilant about creating a culture in which people feel safe, seen, heard, and respected.”

Thank you, Brené, for providing a play book for us to continue leaning into as we seek to embrace courage in our culture, our work and in our lives. And thanks to AG Collaborative for the book recommendation!

We would love to hear from any of you who have read her work and are applying it in your work, life and leadership. Drop us a line, or better yet – let’s grab a beer and chat in person.

PeopleIT Welcomes Jason Helms

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Join us in welcoming Jason! You will soon discover – as we have – that he is brilliant, driven and always up for Big Adventure…

Jason Helms – Technology Lead

Jason is a cool dude. His work as a dad of four, Firefighter (rescuing cats with the jaws of life), Medical First Responder & I.T. Extraordinaire is fueled by a strict diet of Mountain Dew, Nacho Cheese Doritos and Gummy Bears. He approaches all aspects of home and life with a desire to problem-solve, optimize, and improve – often giving “every waking moment” toward finding a resolution (in the words of his wife).

Jason closely identifies with PeopleIT’s value of Small Steps, Big Adventure – especially the call to approach work as a playground and not a battlefield. Combining this with his expert problem-solving skills, he is committed to minimizing frustration for end-users that encounter I.T. issues with a fun and exploratory mindset, creating opportunities for education and solutions for all.

In his “down-time,” Jason enjoys spending time with his kids in their basement/office, experimenting and tackling new projects or optimizing the home wi-fi while they color and puzzle.

If you catch him outside PeopleIT and his home office he may be adventuring to the family cabin, one of Michigan’s incredible state parks or surprise tripping to Great Wolf Lodge. Though be warned, if you strike up a conversation he may try to entice you to the Dark Side of the Force.

PeopleIT – 2018 Holiday Party

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All was Merry & Bright!

(especially John Johnston)

The PeopleIT team and families gathered at 205 Coffee Bar for a night of laughter & merriment. Kudos to Kurtis & Laura for crushing the Holiday Movie quiz. You are the masters of Christmas Cinema!

Enjoy the photos and Happy Holidays, everyone!

PeopleIT Completes Office Renovations

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In the acquisition of ZBx, PeopleIT assumed their office space – transforming it to provide a more open and collaborative environment fostering teamwork, strategic planning and capacity for growth through 2019. What you can’t see in the amazing photos below is the Gigabit Internet connection allowing for enterprise level service. Impressed yet? Stop in for a tour – we love company!

PeopleIT Welcomes Newest Team Member

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One of our favorite pieces of this work is meeting brilliant people and aligning their talent and passion with our mission to provide progressive I.T. strategy, advice and support services. It is our pleasure to introduce you to…

Christian Scott – Customer Service & Business Development
Musically-inclined, tinkerer of snowmobiles – Christian is your go-to guy for day to day technical issues. Working creatively to implement solutions, connect with new people to grow business and solve technical challenges. He is inspired by PeopleIT’s value of Courage as a way to serve others and pursue growth. This value sets the foundation for a team that is courageous in designing amazing solutions for clients.

Christian is exceptionally talented in explaining complex technical concepts in a way that makes sense to anyone. Like this…

I love engineering for worst case scenarios. Given the challenge of designing a technical system that cannot fail, I am extremely excited about engineering for fault tolerance and high availability – all the way from local servers to buildings on different continents.

On a perfect day, Christian will get a chance to share this knowledge while fishing from a kayak. Impressed? We thought so.

Christian came to PeopleIT by way of Scott Group Studio where he worked as an IT Project Manager, a long way back you would find him jumping from trees into massive piles of leaves, but you’ll have to ask him for that story if you get chance.

When he isn’t solving the world’s problems one IT issue at a time you’ll find him exploring new places with his wife, Libby, leading worship at Resurrection Life Church and working on snowmobiles with his dad.

PeopleIT Welcomes New Team Members

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One of our core values is Better TogetherWe need great people we trust, respect and can laugh with to share the journey and we are excited to introduce you to two of those people…

Kurtis Bennington – Technical Support
Did you see that sweet 1981 Delorean in the parking lot? Yep, it belongs to Kurtis. He is very cool. Lucky for us, he is the main point of contact for customers calling in and connecting with the team for technical operation support. In his own terms, his role is to maintain a bright & cheerful disposition, and he is crushing it.

Recently, Kurtis traveled to Belfast Northern Ireland – stopping at the Bushmills Distillery, the Giants Causeway, and the Delorean Factory. His favorite stop was the Titanic Museum which he strongly recommends. Outside of work you will find him photographing his kids snowboarding, playing baseball and softball or out hunting for antiques

He aligns with PeopleIT’s value of Better Together, embracing the concept of working as a team where he can learn off of the strengths of others, as well as teach others from his own strengths.

Before jumping on board with PeopleIT, Kurtis spent 18 years at Johnson Controls/Adient providing IT support for the various plants globally. Well before that during he was tackling the ski slopes…

“My first time on skis, I was inexperienced with the use of ski lifts, notably the pommel lift. As a result I was towed up the slope my first time head first skis in the air!”

Chris Stephens – Technical Support & Backup Specialist
Chris is one of the most interesting dudes you’ll ever have a chance to meet. In addition to his work with PeopeIT he is a Professional Fire Fighter / Paramedic and a Commercial SCUBA and Hard Hat Diver. It is hard to believe that with three professions he would have time to do anything else, but to round things out Chris recently completed a 3-year river house remodel and became a Father to Theodore – born May 19, 2018.

It is not a surprise that the PeopleIT value Chris is most excited about is Courage. This inspires him to meet new people and travel to places he has never been. Like that one time during the Winter Olympics…

“My Fiancée and I flew from Michigan non-stop to Incheon, South Korea. We then almost immediately got on another airplane Chiang Mai, Thailand, met up with some friends and visited night street markets, and the elephants! A lot of walking and a lot of meeting new people from around the world. Learned a lot of history of Thailand. After a week in country, we flew by way of Kuala Lumpur, to Manila, Philippines. Then another small airplane down to the island of Cebu, Philippines. We stayed in an ocean front villa, went swimming/snorkeling every day, visited a gigantic waterfall in the mountains, and snorkeled with Whale Sharks!!! After a week in the Philippines we made the extremely long flight back home.

Chris joined PeopleIT by way of ZBx Technology where he has worked since 2003. He is fluent in Unifi from Ubiquiti and was recently described by a client as “Crazy guy who fixes things.” A title he finds fitting and honorable.

PeopleIT Acquires ZBx Technology

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ZEELAND, Mich. — This month, PeopleIT expanded their services through the acquisition of ZBx Technology. This has allowed the company to create an instant technical execution and support team to compliment the growing consulting services.  

Zach Nordhof founded ZBx in 2003. With a team of four, they offered IT Support and Consulting along with Web Services. PeopleIT acquired the IT Services division, including three team members. Nordhof has taken the role as a partner in PeopleIT and is leading the customer transition and technical support team.

PeopleIT Co-Founder, John Johnston says, “The acquisition has positioned us to expand and deliver technology support services aligned with each client’s business mission and vision. These services range from Infrastructure and Network design to 24/7 Helpdesk access.”

The new team members are excited for the opportunity this transition presents to grow with the strategic and collaborative approach of PeopleIT, joining the mission to unleash the full potential of those we serve by providing the most trusted and progressive I.T. strategy, advice and support services.

To find out more you can check out the full overview of I.T. Services at PeopleIT.com

PeopleIT Launches: Technology company committed to Strategy Led I.T.

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With a high-five approach, PeopleIT offers custom solutions for multi-location, growing businesses ready for I.T. to be their strategic differentiator.

ZEELAND, Mich. — Founded to serve the growing need for strategy led and people-focused I.T. solutions. PeopleIT was founded by Charlie Lambers and John Johnston in May 2018.

Together they have developed a unique approach to helping companies align their technology to serve their business mission while eliminating technical debt and driving growth.  “Our approach starts and ends with strategy,” said Lambers. “It’s easy to say we’re strategy driven but it takes discipline and focus to make it happen.”

PeopleIT offers a refreshing solution in a climate where technology often becomes an anchor and drag for companies. Their team takes the time to build a custom strategy for each client to ensure that I.T. is solely focused on serving and driving their mission and that everyone from the CEO to employee 1000 can easily understand and embrace that strategy. “The end goal is to grow each client’s business and equip them as leaders in their industry,” says Johnston.

Their I.T. Strategy and Services range to suit the unique needs of any size company from the smaller business of 10-50 employees looking to build a solid foundation for a vibrant future to the larger enterprise of 300-2,000+ employees who relies on seamless I.T. integration to carry out a global business mission.

To find out more you can check out their website at PeopleIT.com