Custom Built Advisory Team

Our Copilot services are designed to give you a custom built advisory team to ensure your full I.T. vision is realized. We deliver a team approach that combines both technical expertise with business strategy to ensure you maximize your value. We help ensure your roadmap to your future state is delivered on time and on budget and that your internal team’s confidence and expertise is expanded along the way.

Copilot engagements usually range between 6-18 months and are best suited for companies on a growth trajectory who have a clear I.T. strategy and roadmap.

Key Focus Areas & Services Provided

  • CTO/ CIO 
  • Accountability 
  • Roadmap Driver 
  • Expert Advice & Consultation 
  • Cross-Customer Collaboration
  • Strategic Problem Solving 
  • Budget Management 
  • Personnel Training & Development 
  • Policy & Process Development
  • Triage Support (we don’t let you fail)

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