Strategy Driven I.T.

For growing businesses who are ready for I.T. to be their strategic differentiator.

We don’t make excuses. We grow your business.


Culture Defining I.T.

Your people drive business growth and embody your culture. We believe I.T. should make their jobs easier, not harder, setting your company apart as the best place to work.


Collaborative I.T.

We believe in working together. We believe partnerships are better than outsourcing. We believe co-administration and transparency win.


90/10 I.T.

Experience has shown us that success in I.T. is 90% about communication and 10% about technology. The technical details are critical for success, but aligning everyone around the business mission, that's priceless.



Everything about us is defined in our name.

We’re a company that’s first about people and then about technology. We believe deeply that technology should empower and serve your people – your team, your vendors and most certainly your customers. I.T. has the power to create seamless communication;  provide real-time data to inform your decision-making; support an enjoyable and productive culture and help you build deeper and more meaningful relationships with your customers.

We’re PeopleIT and we’re ready to help drive your business forward. 

Your Business, Custom Solutions

Small Business, Big Dreams

They say the fast can beat the big. When you’re a small business you’re moving fast and usually on a constrained budget. We design services and strategy to help you move faster and eventually move past the competition. We’re ready to help your dreams become reality.

Let's Dream

Mid-Market, Focused Growth

You know who you are and where you’re going, and you’re well on your way to getting there. You’ve probably got an expanding team and maybe multiple locations with a spreading geographic reach. It’s time to make sure we’ve removed the technical debt and developed the strategies for frictionless growth. 

Let's Grow

Large Enterprise, Maximum Advantage

You’re dominating the market, you have a global presence and an internal I.T. team. We collaborate as a true extension of your team. Offering a range of services from strategic design and systems improvement to the offloading of day to day tasks and helpdesk functions which allow your team to focus on higher value work.

Let's Maximize

Insights & Roadmapping

Develop a functional knowledge of your systems and regain the confidence to utilize I.T. as a competitive advantage. Discover More

Copilot Advisory

Once we know the destination, we’ll be doing everything to help you get there. Fully customizable to fit your needs, you’ll love the accountability and momentum of Copilot. Discover More

Procurement & Investment Management

It’s more than just signing new contracts. We help you maximize value and create dynamic partnerships with shared expectations. Discover More

Infrastructure & Network Solutions

From design to implementation and ongoing monitoring and management, we help you maximize your performance and build solutions that improve customer experience and drive user satisfaction to new levels. Learn More

Vendor & Asset Management

You’ve made the investments but how do you ensure you’re maximizing the value of your contracts and assets? We’ve got easy solutions to create predictable and transparent processes, keeping you in control. Learn More

Technology Support & Helpdesk

Whether it’s a fully managed solution or an overflow partnership, we have the tools and team to provide your users with top level customer service and fast resolutions. This increases efficiency in serving your business mission. Learn More

We’re proud of our work and our customers.

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We Lead With Our Values

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